Our Mission and Values at Heart of Atlas Association

Our mission at Heart of Atlas Association is to provide exceptional international volunteer experiences in the Atlas and Southeast Morocco, leaving a lasting impact on both the communities we serve and the volunteers who journey with us. We are dedicated to fostering positive change and sustainable development in the region.


Courageous Leadership
We continually challenge ourselves to expand our knowledge and embrace new perspectives. We are committed to pushing boundaries, seeking constant improvement, and embracing change as a means of growth.
Embrace the Journey
We approach our mission with optimism and resilience, making the pursuit of our vision an enjoyable and fulfilling adventure.
Transforming Lives
We are deeply passionate about improving the lives of individuals and communities. It is the core of our organizational culture and the driving force behind every action we take.
Creating Impact Through Connections
We invest in cultivating honest, meaningful connections and relationships with our volunteers, our team members, and the communities we serve. We understand that impactful change is born from strong and collaborative connections.

These values are the cornerstone of Heart of Atlas Association, guiding our actions and interactions as we work together to make a positive and lasting difference in the Atlas Mountains and Southeast Moroccoco

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