Want to Teach in middel of atlas mountans and south east of morocco?

If you share our passion for education, then our volunteer teaching programs in mideel of atlas and south east  of morocco  offer an excellent opportunity for you to combine rewarding work with an adventurous travel experience. Over the years, our association  has partnered with various foster care homes and pre-schools in morocco  that care for children from 6 months to 7 years old to provide support through childcare volunteer work. Our teaching volunteers have worked with local school teachers in the community, assisting them in facilitating everything from entry-level classes with young children to special activities for adult pupils. Beyond merely benefitting these communities on a short-term basis, your role as a teaching volunteer will create real and measurable change at the heart of what we do in our assotaition , and that is to maintain sustainable development.

Volunteer Teaching Highlights

  • Enhance Accessibility — Help offer quality education to children at pre-schools or primary level in under-resourced moroccan communities.
  • Positive Connections — Create a safe and positive learning environment for children who live in low income communities
  • Personalized Attention — Give children the one-on-one attention they otherwise wouldn’t get as a volunteer teacher.
  • Spark Creativity — Activate the minds and imaginations of kids through games, crafts, or sports.
  • Cultural Discovery — Immerse yourself in the local culture through teaching and childcare volunteer work in townships.

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