Jentham – Dynamic Barcelona coordinator:

At 27, she’s a powerhouse of energy and expertise. Rooted in creativity and innovation, she’s passionate about community engagement and top-notch organization. Thrilled to have her on board at Heart of Atlas—let’s make waves for a better world together!

Redouane – The Resilient Maestro:

Born amidst the Atlas Mountains, Redouane, 27, embodies resilience. His determination inspires perseverance, ensuring lasting impact in our community. As a guitarist, his music reflects the spirit of his culture. Fluent in multiple languages, he fosters connections worldwide.


Laura – The Guiding Light:

From Ponferrada (León), Spain, Laura shines brightly as the guiding force behind our volunteer initiatives. Her leadership skills and passion for our cause inspire us to strive for excellence in all we do. Under Laura’s guidance, our association becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards positive change and empowerment for all.

Salima – Creative & Passionate:

Our dynamic 26-year-old innovator from Andorra (Moroccan origin) infuses our volunteer projects with creativity and ingenuity. With a degree in Economics and a master’s in coaching, she’s a tax advisor and digital law student. Passionate about photography and psychology, Salima constantly explores new ways to make a difference, bringing fresh ideas and solutions to our association.

Hayat – an empathic facilitator from Andorra with Moroccan roots:

She believes in the power of empathy and volunteering to make a difference. Traveling with her daughters and volunteering with Mustapha have been highlights for her. Hayat’s dedication inspires positive change and fosters a supportive community within our association.

Ayoub  “The Ambitious Youth“: A 28-year-old visionary hailing from the  vibrant city of Tinghir in southeastern Morocco. As a key figure within our association, Ayoub embodies the spirit of altruism, tirelessly volunteering his time and energy to uplift the lives of the less fortunate. With a reservoir of innovative ideas, he stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, driving positive change and serving as a cornerstone of our organization.”

Mustapha the Visionary Behind Atlas Heart association : A beacon of hope rising from the heart of the Atlas and soth east of morccco . With a spirit fueled by compassion and a relentless drive for excellence, Mustafa embarks on a mission to paint smiles on the faces of the underserved in the rugged landscapes of southeastern Morocco. 

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