“Summer camps and volunteer programs in  Morocco, nestled in the majestic Atlas Mountains, and southeastern offer a rich tapestry of experiences beyond simply helping others. They provide a unique opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, broaden your horizons, and fully immerse yourself in the vibrant local way of life.

In addition to exploring the picturesque streets, savoring the delicious local cuisine, and relishing traditional tea ceremonies, you’ll also have the chance to dive deep into the heart of Amazigh culture. You’ll discover the rhythms of local music, learn about centuries-old traditions, and, most importantly, forge connections with the welcoming local community. These multifaceted experiences will create enduring memories that you’ll cherish forever.”

Welcome to the Heart of Atlas Mountains Summer Volunteering Adventure!

  • Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Morocco, nestled in the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, there lies a village filled with hope and eager young minds. This summer, you have a chance to be part of their story.
  • Summer Camps: A Blend of Learning and Joy
  • As the sun bathes the Atlas Mountains in golden light, the Heart of Atlas Mountains organization springs to life. For two magnificent months, we embark on a journey to empower children and youth, offering them not only knowledge but also the gift of laughter and camaraderie.
  • Your Role: A Creator of Dreams
  • Imagine waking up to the majestic view of the Atlas Mountains each day, knowing that you’re about to make a difference. You will engage in workshops teaching Spanish, French, English, and various forms of art. Whether you’re painting colorful murals on school walls or playing your favorite tunes for eager ears, you’ll be a source of inspiration and learning.
  • School Maintenance: Breathing Life into Education
  • Our school buildings are the heartbeats of these villages. During your stay, you’ll help in maintaining and restoring these spaces, ensuring that education continues to thrive. It’s not just about rebuilding walls; it’s about rebuilding dreams.
  • Inclusivity Matters: Touching Hearts, Changing Lives
  • Our summer camps are a haven for children and young people with disabilities. You’ll be part of making their summer unforgettable, filled with joy, and an equal opportunity for growth.
  • Your Daily Routine: A Symphony of Giving Back
  • From Monday to Friday, you’ll spend 5-6 hours at the school, breaking for delicious Moroccan cuisine. In the afternoons, you’ll prepare exciting lessons and activities while soaking in the vibrant culture surrounding you.
  • What We Provide: Comfort and Support
  • – Cozy accommodation
  • – Three delightful meals every day
  • – Comprehensive training and orientation
  • – A captivating city tour
  • – An immersion into the Amazigh Moroccan culture
  • – Round-the-clock support from our friendly local staff
  • – Regular evaluation meetings
  • – Guidance and assistance in selecting the program
  • – A volunteer certificate to cherish
  • When Can You Join Us?
  • Your adventure awaits in 2024 with four enchanting camps:
  1. Camp 1: July 1 to 15
  2. Camp 2: July 15 to 29
  3. Camp 3: July 29 to August 12
  4. Camp 4: August 12 to August 26
  • Location: The Middle Atlas 
  • The heart of our projects lies in the Middle Atlas , where your presence can spark transformation.
  • Duration: Two Weeks of Magic
  • Each program lasts 15 days, and you can choose to participate in two or even all three. The more you give, the more you’ll receive.
  • Cost: Priceless Memories
  • Requirements are simple; your heart must be in the right place.
  • Are You the One We’re Looking For?
  • If you crave adventure in the lap of nature, Vilages welcomes you.
  • If you’re curious about cultures and want to make the world better, our arms are wide open.
  • If you possess knowledge of health, agriculture, or engineering, and wish to uplift a community, we need you.
  • If you adore children and have talents to share, the young hearts of Atlas and Southeast Morocco await you.
  • We Only Ask for These Few Things
  • – Be of legal age (minors can join with an adult)
  • – Enjoy good health to savor the region’s climate and partake in activities
  • – Embrace the spirit of volunteering, with children as your priority
  • – Flexibility in the face of challenges and changes
  • – Proficiency in Spanish, French, or English (at least at an intermediate level)
  • – Travel and health insurance to ensure a smooth journey
  • – An open and respectful attitude towards diverse cultures
  • Your Journey Begins
  • – Airport Pickup:
  1.    – July 1 for group 1
  2.    – July 15 for group 2
  3.    – August 29 for group 3
  4.    – August 12 for group 4
  • – On your first day, a friendly face from our association will welcome you at the airport, taking you to a central Marrakech hotel for exploration. The next day, you’ll journey by bus to the heart of the Atlas Mountains.
  • From Fez to Villages
  • If you’re coming from Fez, you’ll join your fellow volunteers on a taxi ride to the Midal Atlas villages. Together, you’ll carry not only your personal belongings but also the dreams of those you’ll inspire.
  • Join Us in Creating a Brighter Future
  • In the heart of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, a unique volunteering adventure awaits you. Here, you’ll be more than a volunteer; you’ll be a storyteller, weaving the dreams of children and changing lives, including your own.
  • Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with us? Join the Heart of Atlas Mountains, where compassion and culture unite to create memories that last a lifetime.
  • To learn more and start your adventure, visit our website today.


Atlas Climate:

In the The Eastern High Atlas of Morocco, summers are relatively short and not excessively hot, while winters tend to be long and cold. The skies are generally clear throughout the year. The temperature typically ranges from 0°C to 33°C, with rare deviations below –3°C or above 35°C. It’s important to note that houses in this area are typically not equipped with air conditioning. To make your stay more comfortable, consider traveling during the spring or summer when the village comes to life with volunteers participating in “useful vacation” camps.


Transportation in Morocco:

Morocco offers various modes of land transportation, such as motorcycles, buses, taxis, and trains. Unlike some African countries, Morocco boasts a well-developed railway system. However, when it comes to road travel, it’s crucial to embrace a different perspective on punctuality. Keep in mind that buses and taxis often wait until all available seats are filled before commencing their journeys. So, patience is key, and a relaxed approach to reaching your final destination is advisable since the concept of time in Africa differs significantly.

Activities with Children in the Middle of the Atlas Mountains

In the atlas in region errachidia , we have the privilege of working with hundreds of children and young people, especially during the summer months when they lack access to vacations or engaging activities that can help them escape from challenging life circumstances. Our association is dedicated to providing them with a nurturing and educational space where they can connect with friends, volunteers, and participate in activities designed to foster their well-being. These activities include play, dance, laughter, exercise, and most importantly, a place where they can experience care and love.

Encouraging Creativity

Creativity is a vital aspect of human development, and it forms the core of our programs. Through creative activities, we aim to nurture the ability to craft “our own art” using everyday objects and elements. Children are encouraged to engage in various activities, games, and challenges that test their creative capacities. These activities promote self-expression, abstract thinking, self-esteem, and self-confidence while encouraging interaction and teamwork. We invite you to unleash your own creativity when working with the children, aiming to surprise and inspire them.

Art and Music Enrichment

Are you interested in sharing your passion for music or artistic education through volunteering abroad? Join us in inspiring children and young people to develop their artistic skills. Heart of the Atlas Mountains Association , volunteer art and music projects provide international volunteers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in creative environments influenced by diverse cultures. By sharing your talents, you can ignite artistic learning among the children who participate in these activities.

Promoting Physical Well-being

If you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer in sports programs abroad, whether to support physical education or sports development in schools or extracurricular programs, the Initiative Association’s sports volunteer projects are perfect for you. As a sports volunteer, you’ll play a crucial role in teaching children and young people about the importance of maintaining active and healthy lifestyles. Additionally, you’ll help them develop essential teamwork and sportsmanship skills. Channel your creativity by introducing new and enjoyable games, teaching new skills, and organizing tournaments for the children. Your unique talents are valued and awaited!

Sports Camp AdventuresLanguage Teaching with our association

In schools with limited resources, where basic teaching materials are scarce, and often with only one teacher for all grade levels, our volunteer program focuses on dedicated individuals who are willing to teach English, French, or Spanish. Your support is essential in providing quality education to these children, and your dedication, love, and affection are invaluable. The language we teach transcends borders—it is the language of the heart, and you undoubtedly have much to offer!

Activities for Children with Disabilities – Celebrating Different Abilities

People with disabilities often encounter numerous challenges throughout their lives, as society frequently overlooks their needs. Sadly, discrimination and undervaluation are common experiences. Factors such as limited access to public transportation, inadequate school facilities, and a lack of educational resources contribute to high illiteracy rates, social exclusion, a dearth of social networks, and a shortage of trained professionals to support their development, hindering their social growth. All these challenges lead to decreased self-esteem and motivation among individuals with disabilities. Access to specialized centers where they can find fulfillment, happiness, and a supportive environment is essential. In these centers, they can realize that they are integral members of a society with values, thus regaining their dignity and purpose in life. However, the scarcity of resources makes access to such institutions or services nearly impossible.

In summary, our mission is to promote and bolster recognition and support for people with disabilities through a series of workshops and activities focused on building self-esteem, engaging in arts and crafts, physical and mental rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychomotor skills, and communication.

Renewal through Painting and Decoration

rich , a town with limited resources, has seen its buildings deteriorate over time, presenting significant challenges for educational institutions, especially during the winter months. Our volunteering efforts extend to renovation activities, including painting, decorating, and repairing classroom furniture like doors and windows. Our aim is to create dignified and pleasant spaces for the children. rich , with its historical significance and limited resources, requires the revitalization of public spaces, schools, and the homes of the children who attend school. As part of the Initiative Association, volunteers engage in repairing these structures to improve the quality of life for the town’s residents. By participating in activities such as drawing, painting, decorating, repairing, and cleaning pathways, volunteers help families see their town in optimal condition. Moreover, some residents are eager to impart various skills such as farming, carpentry, and cooking, enriching and enhancing this experience.

Key Details Summer Volunteering at the atlass mountans Camp 2024

Camp 1: July 1st to July 15th

Camp 2: July 15th to July 29th

Camp 3: July 29th to August 12th

Camp 4: August 12th to August 26th

We encourage our volunteers to come prepared with exciting and enriching activities for our children, such as games, theater, songs, role-playing, and art.

Project Location

Region: midalt , Morocco

Working Hours

From Monday to Friday, volunteers will work at the school for 4 to 5 hours each day, with a break in between. In the afternoon, there will be time to prepare activities and lessons for the following day before dinner. You will have a dedicated volunteer coordinator who will assist you throughout your journey, ensuring a smooth integration into the program. Periodic meetings with the coordinator will address any questions or unforeseen circumstances.


Volunteers should be of legal age, and minors can participate when accompanied by an adult (specific cases may require inquiry). Given the high temperatures during the summer, good health is essential. A spirit of volunteerism is vital, along with creativity and flexibility to navigate challenging situations and adapt to changes in plans or programs when necessary. An intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish, French, or English is required. The willingness to both learn and teach is crucial—volunteering is a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and care. Commitment to dedicating time, effort, love, and patience to the children is of utmost importance, as is the ability to create a nurturing atmosphere with fellow volunteers and coordinators.

Cost and Inclusions

Please refer to the “Cost” section for details on the cost of volunteering

Airport Arrangements

Airport pick-up dates are as follows:

July 1st for Group 1

July 15th for Group 2

August 29th for Group 3

August 12th for Group 4

On the first day, a representative of the association will be waiting at the departure area of the airport with a sign. They will accompany you to a hotel in the center of Marrakech, where you can explore the city and take a bus to Midelt the next day. From Fez: As Fez is close to the program location, volunteers will travel together by taxi to on the same day, with the support team. If your travel dates do not align with the mentioned dates, we will provide you with the necessary information and directions to reach the project location. If needed, the association can also assist with transportation and accommodation arrangements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The middle of atlas mountans , a land of dramatic contrasts and natural wonders!

Discover the Middle Atlas Mountains,  a stunning landscape of rugged beauty and raw power. Picture high-altitude plateaus with peaks like Djebel Ayachi at 3,747 meters and the enchanting Imilchil. Two distinct climates add allure: a lush subtropical region with torrential downpours and a fading green haven, and a continental semi-desert with extreme temperature swings reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains. Whether it’s the lush oases or the rugged semi-desert terrain, the Middle Atlas Mountains promises an unforgettable adventure through nature’s wonders. Explore Djebel Ayachi, wander Imilchil, and embrace the untamed beauty of this captivating region!


In our mission to make a positive impact, we have a special focus on the villages that need assistance the most. Our approach involves selecting villages in the Middle Atlas region, creating opportunities for everyone to benefit. The unique atmosphere in this area also provides an ideal setting for our dedicated volunteers, fostering a sense of community and collaboration as we work towards a brighter future together.

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